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The real angelic inspiration – Dr. Bhakti Yadav

The real angelic inspiration - Dr. Bhakti Yadav
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Dr. Bhakti Yadav is a 92 year old great women in Indore who was the first female MBBS graduate. She sacrifice her own life for serving poor patients in the village.She treated the patients very well with affection and love. She is a gynecologist ,even though she is not capable for treating patients in this age her advice is valuable for others. She has won Padmashri award recently.

Dr.Bhakti Yadav was born in Ujjain district in the year 1926.She did her schooling in Indore  after that she made her career in medical field. She completed her MBBS studies and graduated from MGM medical college in 1948. Also she was the only women in the batch during her studies in medical college. She stayed with her uncle during her schooling period.

The real angelic inspiration - Dr. Bhakti Yadav

The main aim of Dr.Bhakti Yadav was to fulfill the sickness of people by treating her patients with love. She loved her patients and treated from her heart. That is the good quality of doctor. She has deliver many babies without fees from people. Doctor joined Nandlal Bhandari maternity home in order to treat poor mill workers wives by rejecting best job offer from government . After that she had developed a nursing home named “Vatsalya” in Pardeshipura area.

Dr.Bhakti Yadav is really a blessing to those poor people in our society and a great role model for all of us. She proved the love and care of a real doctor in our society.

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