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10 funniest hairstyles in cricket

When it comes to sending out fashion statements, cricketers are a bit different from footballers. Footballers are known for their “unique” hairdos and tattoos but cricketers are very simple and they are rarely in news for their “fashion” statements.

And icons are always followed by their fans, if not wth their deeds then with their fashion sense and especially hairstyles. Remember when MS Dhoni debuted and hit a brilliant century in Pakistan, if anything was more famous than him that time, it was his hairs. Not only cricketers but for many years footballers and many other sportspersons are trying out new hairstyles which are followed by their fans. Well, here are some of the non-conventional hairstyles which cricketers followed but they proved to be a failure. Presenting 10 funniest hairstyles in cricket.


1. Andrew Symonds

funniest hairstyles in cricket,Andrew Symonds

This Australian always played like a monster. If on crease no bowler was able to bowl him with confidence. Well, his hairstyle complimented his ferocious gameplay.

2.  Andre Russel

funniest hairstyles in cricket,Andre Russel

West Indian cricketers are always known for their jolly nature. Andre Russel tried something like this on his hair. Well, it doesn’t really matters to him what others think of.

3. Sunil Narine

funniest hairstyles in cricket,Sunil Narine

Well his hairs also turn as much as his bowl.

4. Amir

funniest hairstyles in cricket,Amir

And this is the moment when even your friends say, get a haircut buddy!

5. Wayne Parnell

funniest hairstyles in cricket,Wayne Parnell

Don’t know what Parnell was trying but this bun isn’t suiting him, really!

6. Michell Johnson

funniest hairstyles in cricket,Michell Johnson

This ferocious Australian bowler tried a hairstyle which no one understood. Is that a bird on Mitch Johnson’s head?

7. Ishant Sharma

funniest hairstyles in cricket,Ishant Sharma


Long hairs of Ishant even ridiculed commentators like Kapil Dev who went on saying that it affects his play.

8. Ravindra jadeja

funniest hairstyles in cricket,Ravindra jadeja

Well, youngsters try too much and so did Jadeja, two of his hairstyles which disappointed his fans. The one when he was playing for CSK was the funniest!

9. MS Dhoni

funniest hairstyles in cricket,MS Dhoni

Well, he is the man who introduced the trend of hair styles in cricket. First the long hairs and then the Mohawk. Read more about MS Dhoni.

10. Lasith Malinga

funniest hairstyles in cricket,Lasith Malinga

And who doesn’t recognize this hairstyles, one of the funniest hairstyles of all time!