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10 Wrestlers Tragically Who Passed Away In the Ring

Wrestling is known to be a very violent sport, but many people don’t know that it can also be tragic. The amount of professional wrestlers to die young is truly is staggering, whether it be inside the ring, or outside for other reasons. In some ways, it’s amazing that a national investigation into wrestling in general, hasn’t been launched yet, but only time will tell if that will happen.

It has been decades since it was not public knowledge that the outcomes of matches were scripted, and fans of the product are also well aware that the moves that are put on display during contests are not actually intended to cause any serious physical harm to opponents.

Many wrestlers have died either inside or outside the ring, and while all are certainly tragic; none are as notable, or as terrible, as the ten that we will look at in this article.  As you read about the explanations for the death of these wrestlers, you’ll have to ask yourself what the cause of their deaths really were, going beyond what was simply said in the news.

10. Malcolm Kirk

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Malcolm (Mal) Kirk (18 December 1936 – 24 August 1987) was an English professional wrestler who went by thering name King Kong Kirk. During 1970s and 1980s in the United Kingdom. Roughly four months before he was set to turn 51-years old, Kirk was working a tag team match in Norfolk when he was on the receiving end of a splash from Big Daddy. After Big Daddy had delivered his signature Big Splash and scored the winning pinfall, Kirk turned an unhealthy colour, was rushed to the James Paget hospital in Gorleston and pronounced dead on arrival. The inquest into Kirk’s death found that he had a pre-existing heart condition and cleared Crabtree of any responsibility.