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35 Fake Photos Which Had The World Believe That They Were Real.

In today’s world, we cannot believe everything we see on internet to be true although it seems to be very fascinating and real because somethings are simply too good to be true. So, here are such 35 fake photos which went viral and had us believe that they were real.

  1. This happens to be known as a picture of India during Diwali but although the picture is beautiful India doesn’t look anything like this on Diwali.



2. Colorized photo of a 1950’s car show.

Picture Source: www.portalnet.cl


3. You better not think it as a shooting star and it’s reflection because it is a picture of a space shuttle launch in 2010.

Picture Source: www.pinterest.com



4. Paris Hilton wearing a shirt which says “Stop Being poor”.

Picture Source: www.rhetorik.ch
Picture Source: www.rhetorik.ch



5. This picture of penguins are fake even though the story of an old man who knits sweaters for penguins in Australia is true.

Picture Source: www.pinterest.com
Picture Source: www.pinterest.com



6. There are no Black Lions, just a fine work of photoshop.

www.pinterest.com 15
Picture Source: www.pinterest.com



7. In this fake photo Venice seems to have been frozen.

www.gyanibaba.in 1
Picture Source: www.gyanibaba.in



8. The picture isn’t from the Time Magazine’s definition of ‘Perfect Body’ in 1955.

Picture Source: www.fudas.com.br



9. Although both the Castle and the Island does exist, they aren’t top of one another.

Picture Source: www.pinterest.com



10. In the real picture Martin Luther King Jr. is holding up two fingers as a mark of victory and not just one.

Picture Source: www.etalia.net



11. It is a fake photo of  Late Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam claiming that it was his last photograph clicked soon after he collapsed during the speech.

Picture Source: www.gyanibaba.in



12. This isn’t the real picture of world renowned scientist Marie Curie which appears in the right but it is of a stage performer known as Susan Marie Frontczak.

Picture Source: www.divyabhaskar.co.in



13. A very absurd photo of Einstein riding a bicycle near a nuclear test which people tend to believe as real.

Picture Source: www.pinterest.com



14. It is a fake picture of Hillary Clinton with a confederate flag.

Picture Source: www.pinterest.com



15. This picture was believed to be of a girl who threw Quran to the floor and was turned into this creature. but this picture is of a statue created by an artist called Patricia Piccinini.

Picture Source: www.taringa.net



16. This owl isn’t an extinct Chinese Owl but just a colored-in photo of an average barred owl. 

Picture Source: www.pinterest.com



17. The snake here has only one head but a fine job of Photoshop made it possible to become viral.

Picture Source: www.pinterest.com



18. It is a photo shopped picture of Super moon in Dubai.

Picture source: lenta.co



19. This is a fake picture which claims the tallest mountains on earth as seen from space.

Picture Source: lenta.co



20. This is a fake picture of Heath Ledger as The Joker kick-flipping over Batman. 

Picture Source: jagbani.punjabkesari.in




21. This is a fake image of the crash site of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 in Eastern Ukraine.

Picture Source: proinsta.info




22. It’s actually a Photoshopped kitten that was originally posted as an April Fool’s joke known as baby Fennec Hare.

Picture Source: mystar.vn




23. This fake photo was claimed to be some sort of mystical tree in Africa but in reality it’s actually a fake tree found in Disney World, Florida.

Picture Source: www.nuevamentes.net




24. This is a fake photograph of Obama talking on a phone upside down which was circulated in both conservative political circles and pro-Hillary Clinton forums in 2008.

Picture Source: topyaps.com




25. This fake photograph was believed to be of a Syrian kid sleeping between the graves of his parents. In reality, he is the nephew of the photographer and the graves aren’t real.

Picture Source: www.pinterest.com




26. This fake photograph shows Salvador Dali painting a cartoon penis on his wife Gala’s forehead and signing it as Picasso.

Picture Source: ymora.net




27. It is one of the many fake photos that circulated after the tsunami that struck Indian Ocean shorelines in 2004. This was actually a picture of Antofagasta, Chile with waves photoshopped in.

Picture Source: www.taringa.net



28. This fake picture of whispering Charles Darwin is a creepy photoshop job.

Picture Source: www.taringa.net



29. This beautiful and colorful picture of lightening striking a tree is fake.

Picture Source: www.pinterest.com




30. A fake photograph of an Earth rise from the perspective of the moon on December 24, 1968.

Picture Source: thehz.ru




31. Portrayed as the Fairy Isles of Scotland with beautiful pink surroundings, this is actually a photoshopped image of Shotover River in New Zealand that was regular green surroundings.

Picture Source: ripost.net




32. A fake advertisement campaign for potato sauce.

Picture Source: topyaps.com




33. This fake mugshot of Sandra Bland claimed that she was dead even before the mugshot was taken.

Picture Source: twitter.com




34. There are Bhakts but the girl here is definitely not a bhakt and it’s quite obvious that it’s fake. 

Picture Source: teekhimirchi.in




35. A fake photograph of John Lennon skateboarding. This picture actually comes from the set of the Beatles’1964 film A Hard Day’s Night.

Picture Source: www.ohay.tv


Hope you guys enjoyed seeing the pictures which conned the world in believing it.