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7 most spectacular crime committed by the Indians!

Crime takes place all around the globe. But some crimes just like cid cases, mesmerizes us. Here are few such crimes and their creators!

1. Dawood Ibrahim

spectacular crime committed by the Indians,Dawood Ibrahim

Well all the people who create crimes are more intelligent than most of us. Just think if this most notorious man would have put his mind into something constructive, i guess no one could beat him there either!

Here’s an example of his brilliant mind-

An imported item of very high value arrives at the Bombay port bearing a consignment number of, let’s assume, XYZ123. Dawood’s men would change the consignment number to something that doesn’t exist in the records, like XYZ456. He would then hide the consignment somewhere in the port itself. At the time of the delivery, consignment number XYZ123 will be missing, making the officials mark it as a package ‘lost in transit’. The importer, at this point, would claim insurance getting a 100% refund of his money. Dawood’s men would now get in touch with the importer and offer him the consignment for half the price. He’d obviously accept because he’s already got a 100% refund of his money, he’s also getting his order at half the price.

This way the importer gets his goods for cheap, and Dawood gets half the money for doing practically nothing. For the insurance company, where only a small percentage of policies are claimed, it’s just a drop in the ocean, hardly making any difference in their profit margins. Of course, Dawood had men to help him out inside the system otherwise pulling the trick off so often would’ve been impossible.