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A-Z about film certification !

With all the controversies of Udta Punjab and CENSOR board, it really made me very curious to know more about the importance of film certification. Well, knowledge improves only when imparted! So here it goes –

We all know that censor board i.e. Central Board of film certification is a statutory censorship under Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Government of India. It mainly focuses on public interest! Lets see the categories and learn more about it!

1. U Certificate 

film certification india,UA Certificate

I would always ask what does U mean and people would end up telling it’s Universal or under age. It actually means UNRESTRICTED PUBLIC EXHIBITION. It mainly tells anybody can watch it. It’s public friendly.

2. U/A Certification-

film certification india,u certificate

This would be told as under age or adults. Now it makes me laugh! It is Parental Guidance for children below the age of 12 years. Films with the UA certification can contain moderate adult themes, that are not strong in nature and can be watched by a child under parental guidance.

3. A Certificate

film certification india,A Certificate

Only this is exactly defined. It is an adult only certificate! Thus theatres ask for id card as it’s their responsibility of not allowing kids.

4. S Certificate

film certification india,s Certificate

S we hardly hear of it. It is because it is restricted class.

Now here are few other categories which doesn’t need much explanation –

1. Information about Name of the film, language, colour of the film and type ( 2D/3D)-

film certification india,U Certificate

2. Duration of the movie –

film certification india,U Certificate

3. Duration replaced by length of the reel

film certification india,U Certificate

4. Validity of the certificate

film certification india,U Certificate 5. It gives information about certificate number, location of censor board office and year of certification

film certification india,U Certificate

6. List of censor board official who have examined it.

film certification india,U Certificate

7. Name of producer and the applicant-

film certification india,

8. Indicates part of the certificate-

film certification india,U Certificate

9. Triangle symbol indicates that cuts are suggested for particular film. 

film certification india,U Certificate

10. Information about the film gauge – film certification india,U Certificate

Here we come to an end. Stay tuned for more info 🙂

source – rajnikantvscidjokes.com