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A baby born premature is smaller than a £10 note

Zoe Ambrose didn’t know she was pregnant until 10 days before she gave birth to her girl child named Paige. The child was smaller than a £10 note though it was premature baby. The doctor said that there is only 25 percentage chance for survival but now the child is 2 year’s old and really doing good.
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She told ” It really was a miracle. I’d been in lab-our for an hour before the doctor told me they didn’t legally have to save my baby because she was going to to be born before 24 weeks. I felt so helpless and couldn’t let my little girl die without a fight. I begged them to do everything they could to save her life and in the end they agreed. Myself sat by her every day, willing her to pull though. And now i have her home, we couldn’t be prouder of our amazing little girl”.

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According to NHS there exists a high uncertainty about the birth of a baby at 23 weeks. If the parents asked and the pediatrician found it is needed life saving treatments will be provided.The premature baby was born at Darent Valley Hospital in Dratford. She was too small and even her sex couldn’t be able to find.

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In the beginning the baby had Hemorrhage in her lungs and bleed on brain. She was partially sighted on one eye and went a stomach surgery when three weeks old. Later it was found the baby is getting recovered gradually. The baby Paige needs daily hormone treatment because of having under active thyroid. The test for her eye sight is ongoing and found she will suffer from diabetes. Any how she may live long life.

A baby born premature is smaller than a £10 note.
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