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Doberman Sacrificed His Life Saving 8 Family Members in Orissa



Dogs are the most loyal and faithful animals since ages. There cannot be a single doubt in telling that dogs have taught humans the real meaning of love and sacrifice. This animal cannot speak, but if they could believe me they would replace human friends and humans would understand their love much better. Dogs carry more relationship and emotional values than we humans.

This story is about a Doberman who’s death has touched a millions of heart. This Doberman sacrificed his life by saving 8 members of a family. Late monday night, 4 dangerous mountain cobras tried to sneak into Dibakar Raita’s house, who belonged to a remote village of Orissa named Sebakapur. The dog which was guarding the house saw those 4 cobra trying to sneak into his house, seeing this the cobra got into a fight with the cobras and it didn’t give up until the cobras breathed its last breath.

Minutes after the scuffle between the cobras and doberman, the doberman couldn’t sustain the poisonous effect of the cobras and died immediately. Dibakar had bought this doberman few months ago. As per Deccan Chronicle, Dibakar added, “I’m shocked. He has made the supreme sacrifice for me and my family. I will remember him till our death. I pray God May his ‘SOUL Rest In Peace'” The villagers held a funeral procession in the name of the dog before burying it.

It’s rightly been said that if you want your heart to be never broken,  give it to a dog.