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Importance of milk on SUHAGRAAT !!

Marriage is a most auspicious event in human life, in India, the night of marriage is considered the fourth night where men and women build their intimate relationship.

Importance of milk on SUHAGRAAT,first night

We always see in movies and serials that every Indian woman carries milk for her first night, even though it’s overdone there, it actually is age old tradition which has been continuing from almost 3000 BC but yet is continued not just as a custom but due to it’s scientific qualities! Here goes-

1.Marks a blissful conjugal life

The act of consumption of milk is seen as the mark of purification. It is used in number of rituals of marriage and is considered to be most auspicious purifier.

2.Improves hormone rate

Milk contains amino acids which provides strength to the body. to accomplish a better wedding night this milk acts as a catalyst!!

3.Symbol of fortune

It is seen as the symbol of fortune which bride carries to the groom life. It again goes back to early ages where most Indians were farmers and the farmers having more number cattle were considered to be rich, thus milk also signifies wealth.

4.Nourishes the reproductive cells

According to ayurveda, milk has a power to provide nourishment to reproductive cells, it is most aphrodisiac ( the food which satisfies sexual craving) and helps to vitalize the reproductive activity!

5. Re hydration fluid

The milk acts as a re hydrating unit for the whole day tired couple. It contains good quantity of water molecules thus it advisable to have at least 6 glasses of milk everyday.

6. Acts as source of energy

After all the rituals, a glass of milk will not only re hydrate the couple but will also bring in the energy due to the carbohydrate that forms new cells.

7. Makes sexaully active

Simple milk recipe increase the ability of men to be sexually active. Regular consumption helps men to stay healthy and specific increases the libido, sperm count and motility.

8. Improves mood

Consumption of adequate amount of vitamin D supports in the production of serotonin, a hormone that associates with mood, appetite and sleep. Milk is a natural source of vitamin D that supports metabolism in the body. In other way helps in avoiding PMS, chronic fatigue and depression.

Indeed milk has a great significance in our day to day life but during marriages it just adds on to it! Our traditional activities our way more helpful than we think those are!!