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Incredible food of Vietnam-hard to swallow by non Vietnamese

Each of our countries are having their unique food styles actually means some weird habits of food that simply added to their culture and really hard to swallow by people outside. It seems like tuna eyeballs in Japan, Monkey’s brain in China and the list goes on. Here we have some weird foods of Vietnam which is completely spelled like ‘oh my God!’.

1. Fertilized Duck Eggs

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The developed fertilized duck’s egg called Balut, is being boiled and eaten in the shell itself. Over getting fertilized within 20 or 21 days, the embryo of duck will become mature enough so that u can feel the crispy and crunchy bones. On addition of a bit of salt and specially smelled Vietnam coriander leaves it is now ready to eat.

2. Coconut Larvae/bug

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These are bugs living on coconut by drilling holes and breeding. It comes three to five centimeters in length. These harmful residents carves the wood thus the coconut is no longer able to grow. There are many but the most popular way of cooking these are ‘Larvae swimming in fish sauce’. It is simply letting them swim in a plate of fish sauce and while they swim just have it. However it is so weird to think but its really delicious, tasty and was the favorite food of last Vietnamese Queen.

3. Rats

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These rats aren’t taken from sewage or from somewhere very dirty place but they are from paddy fields. These are being caught during harvest season. The way to cook is grill them in a clay utensil and dig the grilled rats in fish sauce along with green mangoes.

4. Fried Dry Flies

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Its been said that eating dry flies can cure sick children. When they shed their skin and the meat found still soft is the best time to cook. To make them ready to eat they just fry, boil and add to the congee. These are quite local favorite of Vietnam.

5. Vietnamese Pizza

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The pizza of Vietnam is not the usual one we see but includes the ingredients duck’s blood, fish sauce, lime, peanuts and coriander leaves. The important thing is that the blood should be fresh. It seems ready to eat only when the blood get congealed, the color is still red so that when you lift up the blood it feels like solid.