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Some Interesting Facts About Schooling In Finland!

Education is one of the major aspects in the current world. When it comes to schooling and education, kids of India do not have it easy compared to kids of other countries. At the very early age of two, kids are sent to play schools, and then immediately to the elementary schools at the age of three or four. Thus these kids are made to enter a rat race of education system.

Once they enter schools, they are given tests and exams every now-and-then and thus they are stuck in this never-ending cycle for the next 15 years of their life. However this is not the case with the kids of Finland.

Kids in Finland have the best time of their lives. Thier constructive schooling makes them extremely intelligent and successful. Here are some mind blowing facts about Finland’s education system which makes it amazing and unique:

1. Finnish kids do not go to school till the age of Seven!

Schooling In Finland

2. Grading system at schools.

There is no grading or measurement system to judge a student’s ability and knowledge, for the first six years.

Schooling In Finland

3. Number of exams.

They are suppose to take just ONE exam in all their years of schooling! And that’s when they turn sixteen.

Schooling In Finland