Meetali Subhash and Jitendra Singh will be seen in Rajnikanth’s upcoming Film THALAIVAR 171

Meetali Subhash will be seen playing Naina’s Role as an Rajnikanth’s Daughter and Jitendra Singh will be playing a important role of Villan with Raghawa Lawrence in Thalaivar 171

For all ‘Rajnikanth’ fans, we have got a thrilling update for you to anticipate the storyline of Thalaivar 171 Drug Free India Case. This time, it is about a new cast, who is about to join Rajnikanth, as his Daughter’s Role in the the film Thalaivar 171

Meetali Subhash, a young aspiring female actor has finally bagged an opportunity in big-screen movies. She is to be cast as Rajnikanth’s Daughter Charector Name- Naina, in the film Thalaivar 171 of Rajnikanth and Raghawa Lawrence quest of winning over the world.

RAJNIKANTH’S THALAIVAR 171 will be telling a story of how Rajnikanth gets along with his X- R&AW team makes India Drug Free . We don’t know yet whether Meetali Subhash will be representing the role as his biological or adopted Daughter, but we can surely count on the storyline to be mind-wobbling.
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