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Top 10 most expensive movie theaters in India

Life has become very convenient for a movie buff in various cities of India such as Bangalore,Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, Chennai, Hyderabad etc. Remember the time when you had to watch movies in a small theaters? That time is gone now! With the emergence of various multiplexes, watching movies in malls has become a cake walk. Now, one can enjoy his favourite movie going to the nearby theaters. Theaters are considered as the one of the best entertainment place for passing time. Theaters in fact can save the world for the young people when they get bored from their hectic daily routines and get bored from their tiring work. Lets us look into the 10 most expensive movie theaters in India.

1. PVR Director’s Cut, New Delhi

Top 10 most expensive movie theaters in India

PVR is on its mission to deliver a premium movie watching experience in the country. This multiplex is located in Delhi’s Vasant Kunj. This Luxury multiplex at Director’s Cut (DC) has four cinema halls, a cafe, a restaurant, a bar + lounge, a patisserie and a book shop devoted to movies. The four auditoriums can accommodate upto 282 people. They have movie on Demand service which initiates access to some rare film and enables you to book the theatre for your private viewing as well. With Individual lamps on a console besides each seat, you can watch movies at a price ranging from INR 400 – 2400.

2. PVR Superplex, Noida

Top 10 most expensive movie theaters in India

PVR superplex is the second biggest multiplex of India. This is located in Logix City Center Mall, Noida. It Consists of a 4DX, IMAX, Playhouse and multiple regular theaters. This premium multiplex has 15 screens. Another highlight of this multiplex is a 49-seater mini theatre, Playhouse, dedicated to the tots. A regular ticket at this Superplex costs around INR 200. IMAX tickets will cost between INR 300 – 600, whereas 4DX will cost INR 840.

3. PVR Koramangala, Gold Cinemas, Bangalore

Top 10 most expensive movie theaters in India

Priced anywhere between Rs 650-Rs 750, it is the third biggest multiplex of the country. Some may complain that the meals in the Gold Class are over-priced, but the fact is, compared to most of the other multiplexes in the country, this comes with your own personal server. This multiplex is being rolled out of a multi-lingual cinema address, which isn’t as common in our country. Super-sized recliners, pillows and blankets and a free welcome snack and drink all elevate the Gold Class experience.

4. INOX, Nariman Point, Mumbai

Top 10 most expensive movie theaters in India

This multiplex is located in Nariman Point, Noida. This INOX has regular screens that will cost you between from INR 180 – 250. But it also  has a special screening room called Insignia which commands premium pricing. It is famous for its splendid environment and also for its quite unique décor. It also provides luxurious service and has a great audio-video. Insignia costs around INR 600 – 900 per person.

5. PVR Lulu Mall, Kochi

This multiplex is located in Kochi. This multiplex consists of 9 massive screens. It is one of the best multiplex in Kochi with excellent interior and facilities. Spread over an area of 71,000 sq ft. and a capacity of housing 3000 patrons. PVR Lulu Mall is the 89th-largest shopping mall in the world . All the screens of this multiplex feature 2k Digital Projection. Each ticket ranges to INR 150 – 400 per person.

6. Ariesplex SL Cinemas, TVM

Top 10 most expensive movie theaters in India

It is one the famous and one of the best visual-experience theaters of India. The Ariesplex came into existence after it took over the SL Cinemas in Trivandrum. Ariesplex is the multiplex which has the South India’s first 4K projector (only one screen). They are also known for the recliners and seats which are imported from Belgium. A single ticket in Ariesplex will cost around INR 150 – 500.

7. Rajmandir, Jaipur

Top 10 most expensive movie theaters in India

It is the well known cinema hall of India. Raj Mandir multiplex is a place which is worth a visit. It is located in Jaipur, India. The royal single screen movie hall with grand interior makes this theatre the best one. It is one of the beautiful places to catch the latest blockbuster films of India and Hollywood. It is often called the “delight for eyes” because of its unique décor and interesting anterior. The ticket prices start from INR 120 – 400 per person.

8. PVR Plaza, Connaught Place, New Delhi

Top 10 most expensive movie theaters in India

PVR was the first to introduce the concept of multiplexes in India. They revolutionized the Multiplex industry by introducing state of the art audio visual effects, screens, extremely comfortable seating and thereby changed the movie going experience for movie goers. PVR Plaza is one such theatre where movie premiers are held. Per person ticket price ranges between INR 300 -375.

9. Mayajaal Multiplex (MAYA Cinemas), Chennai

Top 10 most expensive movie theaters in IndiaThis was established in the year 1997. This is India’s LARGEST multiplex with a massive 16 screens. Mayajaal is an entertainment center in Kanathur, Chennai. It is one of the best places to watch movies with friends and family. It is the second largest multiplex of Asia. The ticket per person costs around INR 120-155.

10. Prasads, Hyderabad

Top 10 most expensive movie theaters in India

Who hasn’t heard of the famous IMAX 3D theatre? IMAX was built by L.V.Prasad group. It has the largest 3D screen in the world which is located in Hyderabad. They also have 5 regular screens alongside the 3D screen. IMAX broke all records with the most number of people visiting the multiplex to watch Harry Potter and the Prizoner of Azkaban, Spider Man – 2 and Spider Man – 3 movies. The ticket price costs around INR 120 – 500 per person.