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Most Followed Indian Cricketers On Social Media

Social media has a major role in the present world popularity of almost all the viral news as well as all the celebrities.We give you the list of Most Followed Indian Cricketers on Social Media.

Cricket is the game that presently immerses the whole sporting world into it in regards to its money power.As per the latest reports,it changed from just a bat and ball game to an unmoved supreme giant in the professional life after only to football.Same as that in case of the cricketers also.Being a major game in India,the Indian cricketers have a huge fan following base on almost all social media platforms.

Virat Kohli37.2m24.6m20.6m
Sachin Tendulkar28.8m25.7m9.7m
Mahendra Singh Dhoni20.6m7.04m8.6m
Yuvraj Singh14.8m4.87m4.9m
Virendar Sehwag14.6m17m2.7m
Rohit Sharma10.9m11.6m5.5m
Shikhar Dhawan8.9m2.7m1.9m
Gautham Gambhir7m8.05m412k
Harbhajan Singh6.8m8.38m2.3m
Ajinkya Rahane5.6m4.62m2.2m