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Mystery behind Hitler’s Death!

The person who shook the world by his cruel acts – Adolf Hitler’s seems to have had a tragic end. But there are many theories questioning the same.

We all know the story of Adolf Hitler committing suicide along with his wife, Eva. It is reported that on April 30, 1945, Hitler shot himself. Although, the accounts of Hitler’s death differ from each other; some claim that he poisoned himself, while others say he bit down on a cyanide capsule. These different stories lead to a very reasonable conspiracy theory; that Hitler in reality faked his death. So the question arises, if Hitler did not die in 1945, where did he go?

1. Hitler in Brazil – His Life and His Death by Simoni Renee Guerreiro Dias

Mystery behind Hitler's Death

According to this book, Everything what we have heard about Hitler’s death till date is a lie. He didn’t die by killing himself, but died at the age of 95, having a long happy life.

2. The Incredible Picture – the proof

Mystery behind Hitler's Death

This suggests that Hitler escaped to Brazil and lived happily with the Brazilian women below.