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Oldest Airlines In The World That Still Operates

All of us have heard about different Airlines that serves transport facility from destinations to other.There are about 5000 plus airline carriers all over the world.Out of these,most of them have defunct-ed and new entries are generated time-to-time.We give you a short note on the Oldest Airlines In The World That Still Operates.

10. Iberia


Iberia Airlines,is the flag carrier airline of Spain which started its operation on 28 June 1927.Based on Madrid,the airlines operates over various international network of services.It comes under the Iberia Group,which also operates Iberia Regional and Iberia Express.The Iberia Airlines fly to 109 destinations over 39 countries and also code-shares with different airlines to another 90 destinations.From January 2011,it made an alliance group with British Airways to form International Alliance Group (IAG).

9. Air Serbia


Air Serbia,is the flag carrier airline of Serbia which was founded in 17 June 1927.The company is head-quartered at Belgrade,Serbia and the airline made it hub at Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport.The company is formerly called as Jat Airways and renamed and commenced its operations from 2013.As of 2017,it fly over 42 destinations across Europe,Middle East,North America and the Mediterranean and code-shares with around 19 airlines.

8. Tajik Air


Tajik Air, the national Airline of Tajikistan started its operation by a flight from Bukhara to Dushanbe on 03 September 1924.The company is head quartered at Dushanbe,tajikistan and made its hub at Dushanbe International Airport.Its operations extends over 19 destinations with a fleet size of 14 carriers.

7. Delta Airlines


Delta Airlines, one of the major American airline carrier which commenced its operation in 30 May 1924.Its headquarters is at Atlanta,U.S.A and largest hub is at Harts field-Jackson Atlanta International Airport,Atlanta.It serves domestic as well as international circuitswith a daily operations of around 5400 flights .It is one of the four founding member of the Sky Team Airline Alliance and the oldest airline that is still operating in the U.S.It connects almost 319 destinations in 54 countries over six continents.

6. Finnair


Finnair, the flag carrier and the largest airline of Finland.It started off its operations in 01 November 1923.Airline is headquartered at Vantaa,Helsinkiand its hub is at Helsinki Airport.The company’s major shareholder is the Government of Finland with a share of over 55%.Finnair rules the both domestic and international air travel in Finland.It operates air-carriers to 77 destinations all over the world.Finnair is one of the member of the Oneworld airline alliance and is one of the few safest airlines in the world till-date.

5. Czech Airlines


Czech Airlines, the national airline of Czech Republic commenced its Operations in 06 October 1923.Its head office is cornered at 6th district Prague,Vokovice. Airline has its hub at Vaclav Havel Airport,Prague.It is the fifth oldest still operating airline in the world based on the foundation date.It is one of the active member of the Sky Team airline alliance.The company has its moajor shareholders such as Korean Air,Travel Service and a Czech state company Prisko.

4. Aeroflot


Aeroflot Russian Airlines, popularly known as Aeroflot, is the flag carrier and the largest airline company of the Russian Federation.Airlines has its hub at Sherematyevo International Airport and is headquartered at Arbat District,Central Administrative Okrug,Moscow.Aeroflot is one of the oldest airlines in the world tracing its history from 09 February 1923.It is one of the profitable airline in the world which has its major shareholders to be the Russian Government(51%).The company is also an active member of the Sky Team airline alliance.Its operations were extended to nearly 130 destinations all over the world.

3. Qantas


The flag carrier of Australia,Qantas is the largest airline in accordance with the fleet-size,international carriers and international destinations.It is the third oldest airline in the world having been founded in 16 September 1920.The “QANTAS”, an acronym for its original name “Queensland and Northern Territory Aerial Services“.The Airline is officially nicknamed as “The Flying Kangaroo” and is one of the founding member of the Oneworld airline alliance.It is headquartered at Sydney and its main hub is at Sydney International Airport.The company currently operates flights to 65 domestic and 31 international destinations over 14 countries.It has a current fleet-size of 117.

2. Avianca


Avianca, Airways of the American Continent is a Colombian airline that has been the national airline and the flag carrier of Colombia.It is the second oldest airline in the world and commenced its operations since 05 December 1919,which is headquartered at Bogota,D.C with its main hub at El Dorado International Airport. It is a group of seven Latin-American airlines making it as the second largest airline group in Latin-America.It is the oldest airlines in the western hemisphere and is also one of the official member of the Star Alliance.The airline has its feet-size of 173 which covers to an approximate of 114 destinations over 27 countries.

1. KLM


The oldest airline in the world that still operates over destinations is the KLM Royal Dutch Airlines ,and legally KLM stands for ‘Koninklijke Luchtvaart Maatschappij’ is the flag carrier airline of the Netherlands.The company is headquartered at Amstelveen and has its main hub at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.It is a part of Air France – KLM Group which was founded in 07 October 1919. It is the oldest airline company in the world which is still operating under its original name and is one of the major active member of the Sky Team airline alliance. KLM operates its flight carriers to more than 145 destinations in 70 countries that spreads over five continents and has a fleet-size of 120 to its credit.

We hope this will be a valuable information to you based on the oldest airlines that still operates in this world.