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OMG! WhatsApp likely to be banned soon in India

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What would today’s world be without social media and communication technology?? Well, India , it maybe our turn soon to find out. Yes, WhatsApp, although unintentionally, has made itself illegal in our country.

The new update about the app’s security has caused it to cross the boundaries of Indian standards, which makes the companies to use a certain type of encryption. The company made the call this week that all the chats of the service users would be end-to-end encrypted, meaning that it would be concealed from any external sources, and even the company itself and only the sender and recipient of that message would be able to unscramble the message and read their contents.


This encryption system uses a 256- bit key which enables the chat service to be end-to-end making it understandable only by the sender and recipient of a particular message. However, the Indian rules permit companies to utilize encryption less than 40-bit only. Any more than this limit are required to have a special consent from the government, which is impossible because of the way the system is set up. This would result in the government having a claim on the keys of the company for inspection, but since the company does not have those keys, that would make it an unaccomplishable task.


This whole situation would mean that about a 100 million people, who are using WhatsApp are using an illegal app, forbidden by the rules. It tops the social media charts of our country, and would be a really huge blow to WhatsApp, as well as it’s users in India if it were to be banned. However, no authorities have spoken or confirmed any action against the company, atleast, not yet. But, another bigshot, Blackberry, and many other companies, which faced a similar case were taken action against. It is also worth waiting to see if India will bring any changes in its policies of encryption and if it will result in WhatsApp bringing about any changes in its policies as well.