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Pakistani-American Muslim couple thrown out of US-Bound flight for ‘sweating’ & saying ‘Allah’ !!

A Pakistani-American couple claimed that they were removed from a US-bound flight as an on board crew member felt Uncomfortable after noticing that they were saying “Allah” repeatedly and ‘sweating’. They are now suing the airlines for ‘Islamophobia’.

Nazia Ali and Faisal Ali, are the Pakistani-American couple who have accused Delta Air Lines of Islamophobia for throwing them off their flight from Paris to Cincinnati, Ohio.

Muslim couple thrown out of US flight


According to the couple, Nazia had removed her sneakers so as to settle in the nine hours flight from Paris to Ohio, USA. She sent her parents a text when a Delta Airline Crew member approached her and her husband Faisal.

“We had been in our seats for 45 minutes” Nazia told the Cincinnati area office of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR).

Muslim couple thrown out of US flight,Nazia Ali and Faisal Ali


One of the crew member of the flight had complained to the pilot that she was uncomfortable with the Muslim couple. She allegedly told the pilot that, the woman was wearing a head scarf and using a phone, and the man was sweating.

The flight attendant also claimed that Faisal tried to hide his cell phone and that she had heard the couple use the word ‘Allah’. The pilot then contacted the ground crew and said that he would not take off until couple was removed.

Muslim couple thrown out of US flight


“The ground agent said, ‘Can you step out with me? We’d like to ask you a few questions.’ So I said, ‘Do you want us to get our things?’ And he said, ‘Yes, please grab all of your personal belongings. You’re not going to be on this flight’,” Nazia said.

They were interrogated by a French police officer about their stay in Paris. Apparently the couple had been enjoying a brief holiday in the capital city for their 10th wedding anniversary, media reports said.

Muslim couple thrown out of US flight,Nazia Ali and Faisal Ali

After the interrogation, the officer said he had no problems with them and there was nothing else he could ask the couple.

The American-Islamic Relation has since filed a complaint against Delta Air Lines to the US Department of Transportation. “By falsely construing their simple and normal actions into something scary and threatening, it is clear that Mr and Mrs Ali were being singled out due to their Muslim appearance and name,” wrote staff lawyer Sana Hassan.

Muslim couple thrown out of US flight

Delta Airlines spokesperson Morgan Durrant said that, “Delta condemns discrimination toward our customers in regards to age, race, nationality, religion, sexual orientation or gender.  As a global airline that brings hundreds of thousands of people together every day, Delta is deeply committed to treating all of our customers with respect.  Delta continues its investigation into this matter and will issue a full refund of these customers’ airfare.”