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The salaries of ICC cricket umpires in 2017

The International Cricket Council (ICC) is undoubtedly one of the biggest sporting spectacles in the globe. Cricket is one of the most favorite sports in the world. With cricket enjoying a huge fan following all over the world, the players are always paid handsomely. But what about the umpires who are at the center of the action, making a huge impact in the matches, on the basis of a single decision taken by them?

Yes, these umpires are highly paid on the match to match basis. A number of times, the umpires, unfortunately, make the wrong call, leading to ire from cricketers and spectators alike, but fortunately, the salaries they earn are fixed on match-by-match basis, in addition to a guaranteed base salary. These salaries are well-documented and most of the umpires make a huge profit out of it. Let us have a look at the salaries of the ICC Cricket umpires.

Salary of a Cricket Umpire:

Compared to football referees, cricket umpires don’t get a huge amount of salary even in their huge events like World Cup, etc. The umpires officiating in international matches are divided into two categories. One is the International Panel and the other is the elite panel. The international panel comprises of umpires who officiate in International matches of their own country.Those matches are generally ODI’s and T20’s. There is a major difference in salaries of a cricket umpire on the basis of the type of match i.e. amount of salary given to an umpire in T20 is different than the salary given in ODI.

How much salary does an ICC Elite Panel Umpire Earn?

The ICC Elite panel umpires are paid match wise and not necessarily have an ICC contract. However, they might be paid by their respective Boards. These elite umpires officiate in test matches, one-day matches and also in ICC tournaments. They are not allowed to officiate in home matches so they usually travel a lot.

The ICC Elite umpires are monitored regularly. These umpires have a contract with ICC and they are guaranteed a yearly basic pay that varies from umpire to umpire depending on experience and performance. The minimum salary of a newcomer is around $35,000-$45,000 a year. Each of these umpires is also paid match fees which again varies from format to format.

A brief introduction about the income of few of the world’s best cricket umpires:

1. Aleem Dar

The salaries of ICC cricket umpires and match fees in 2017

He is one of the best known cricket umpires. He is considered to be among the umpires who are highly paid. His salary for officiating one day match is around $2200. For test matches his salary is around $3000 per match. And his yearly income is about $45,000.

2. Bruce Oxenford

The salaries of ICC cricket umpires and match fees in 2017

He is an Australian cricket umpire. He is also paid a salary of $2200 per match in one day cricket and about $3000 for test matches. His yearly income is estimated to be around $35,000.

3. Ian Gould

The salaries of ICC cricket umpires and match fees in 2017

He started his career as an umpire in 2008. His net salary is about $35000 per year.

4. Kumar Dharmasena

The salaries of ICC cricket umpires and match fees in 2017

He started his career as an umpire in 2009, in a tournament between India and Bangladesh. He is also called one of the best cricket umpires. His yearly income is about $40,000.

5. Paul Reiffel

The salaries of ICC cricket umpires and match fees in 2017

He is an elite panel umpire, who started his career as a cricket player. He earns about $3000 for test match and $1000 for ODI. He earns about $45,000 per year.

Check out the full list here.

ICC Elite Panel Umpires Salary in 2017

NameCountryBasic YearlyTest FeeODI Fee
Aleem DarPakistan$45,000$3,000$1000
Billy BowdenNew Zealand$45,000$3,000$1000
Bruce OxenfordAustralia$35,000$3,000$1000
Ian GouldUnited Kingdom$35,000$3,000$1000
Kumar DharmasenaSri Lanka$35,000$3,000$1000
Marais ErasmusSouth Africa$35,000$3,000$1000
Nigel LlongUnited Kingdom$45,000$3,000$1000
Paul ReiffelAustralia$45,000$3,000$1000
Richard IllingworthUnited Kingdom$35,000$3,000$1000
Richard KettleboroughUnited Kingdom$35,000$3,000$1000
Rod TuckerAustralia$35,000$3,000$1000
Steve DavisUnited Kingdom$45,000$3,000$1000

Lets make a rough estimate of yearly income of an elite and experienced umpire. Every such umpire stands in about 8 to 10 test matches, about 10 to 15 ODIs and 10 T20 matches every year which leads to an average of about 90,000 dollars per year. This is the amount earned by a good and skilled cricket umpire. Their income is also increased through different sponsors. In addition, they also get other benefits which include free travelling passes, free food and also free stays in world class hotels.

How much salary does an International Panel Umpire Earn?

The ICC International panel Umpires earn a little less when compared to those in the Elite Panel. They are also paid on the match-by-match basis. The International Panel umpires, unlike the Elite panel umpires are generally not guaranteed a fixed yearly basic pay but they are offered other benefits like free travelling passes, free food and also free stays in world class hotels.