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Struggle stories of top 8 celebs !!

” Almost every person begins with two note – the future can be better than the present , and I can make it so “!

Here are 10 such celebs who have reached the heights through their enormous efforts –

1. Akshay Kumar

bollywood actor struggle,Akshay Kumar

He was a Chef and a waiter in Bangkok, where he was learning martial arts. He returned to India and commenced martial art classes. One of his students, an aspiring photographer, recommended Kumar into modelling which ultimately led to a modelling assignment. Kumar effectively made more money within the first two days of shooting, in comparison to his entire month’s salary, and therefore chose a modelling career path.

2. Madhuri Dixit

bollywood actor struggle,Madhuri Dixit

Failure is the stepping stone of success. This is so true in the case of dancing star – Madhuri dixit.

Her initial movies were just bunch of flops.Starting from Abodh, Awara Baap, Swati, Hifazat upto Khatron ke khiladi it was just a burden to film industry. Her commercial break was due to her character of Mohini in the movie Tezaab!

3. Amitabh Bachchan

bollywood actor struggle,Amitabh Bachchan

Big B, father of acting , his uniqueness is in his voice. Yet, this voice was rejected by radio many number of times. Who knew something this great would come along! There were times where Mr. Bachchan had to sleep on Marine drive.

4. Shahrukh Khan

bollywood actor struggle,Shahrukh Khan

The famous SRK, was once upon a time tv serial actor who struggled hard to get into such a position. He had slept on roads near Oberoi hotel for many days before he got the role in deewana opposite to Divya Bharati.

5. Neha Dhupia

bollywood actor struggle,Neha Dhupia

The beauty, Neha Dhupia used to help the models backstage with their shoes until she bagged the crown of Miss India. Then she got into the film industry.

6. Manoj Bajpai

bollywood actor struggle,Manoj Bajpai

The real actor, who has stunned us with many of his films had once begin his career just for money. He acted in the serial Swabhimaan for mere Rs. 2,000.

7. Dev Anand

bollywood actor struggle,Dev Anand

The late Mr. Dev Anand, used to work as clerk for mere Rs. 85 before achieving his status of superstar.

8. Kapil Sharma

bollywood actor struggle,Kapil Sharma

The well known comedian and our favourite host Kapil Sharma had started working just after 10th in phone booth, he struggled almost for 10 years in the theatre field , there are times where he acted for free , at the same time he lost his father and had to struggle a lot.

Success is always the by product of our efforts. These Stars are famous due to their efforts and hard work. Kudos to them!