Bhagwant Mann campaigned in Ferozepur Lok Sabha constituency, in a huge public rally appealed to the people to elect AAP candidate Jagdeep Singh Kaka Brar

May 7, 2024 - 22:23
Bhagwant Mann campaigned in Ferozepur Lok Sabha constituency, in a huge public rally appealed to the people to elect AAP candidate Jagdeep Singh Kaka Brar
  • Bhagwant Mann urged the people to make it 13-0 and render opponents speechless on June 4th, said the people will get responsibilities in the government and organization to make Punjab Rangla again
  • In 2022, you defeated stalwarts, it's time to demolish the fort of Akali Dal in Ferozepur too: Mann
  • Mann attacked Sukhbir Badal - he lives in a palace, he comes out after asking the temperature, he doesn't know the pain and suffering of the common people
  • The farmers of Ferozepur will be getting canal water for cotton cultivation by April 10, promises Mann
  • It will be your decision whether to choose government or private sector for your education and treatment, not a compulsion - Bhagwant Mann 
  • Earlier Akali Dal government sold thermal plants and many government properties of Punjab, today Punjab has an honest Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann who bought a thermal plant for Punjab - Kaka Barar

Ferozepur/Chandigarh, May 7, Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann campaigned in the Ferozepur Lok Sabha constituency on Tuesday. He addressed a huge public rally and appealed to the people to make AAP candidate Jagdeep Singh Kaka Brar win with a huge majority.

Addressing the people, Mann said that your love and respect never lets me get tired. He said that I am also one of you. I have lived in the village and am still connected to my village. I understand your pain and suffering. What will those living in palaces know about the people of the village!

Mann attacked Sukhbir Badal and said that he is a person who lives in AC. He comes out after asking the temperature. When the temperature outside is 30-32°, he takes out his Punjab Bachao Yatra for two hours. I have not seen him in Parliament till date. How will such people understand the pain and suffering of the common people!

He said that Sukhbir Badal looted Punjab while in power and ruined the young generation.  He built a Sukh Vilas Hotel for himself in the mountains, the rent of one room there is Rs 7 lakh per night. Each room in that hotel has a private pool. Mann said that I will free that land from the Badal family and convert it into a school and that school will be the first school to have a pool with every classroom.

He said that dynast and traditional politicians of Punjab are very sad that people from ordinary households became MLAs, ministers and chief ministers. These people considered power their birthright and treated positions as their ancestral estates. Mann appealed to the people that in the 2022 assembly elections, you defeated stalwarts. This time the fort of Ferozepur also has to be demolished too, meaning that the Akali Dal should lose from Ferozepur.

Taking a dig at the Badal family, Mann said that all the people of the Badal family have lost the election. Only Harsimrat Kaur Badal is left. In this election, Harsimrat Kaur's security deposit is going to be forfeited from Bathinda. After that, everyone in the Badal family will be defeated, then they will not blame each other saying 'you lost', 'you lost' because everyone will be a loser.

Addressing the problems of the farmers of Ferozepur, Mann said that I held a meeting with the farmers and officers of Ferozepur. They told me that we need canal water for cotton cultivation. I ordered the officers at a time and said that they should get canal water by April 10 at any cost. Apart from this, he also said that all farmers should be provided with sufficient electricity during the day. I am very happy that my promise has been fulfilled.

He said that the previous Finance Minister Manpreet Badal always used to say that the treasury is empty. We have never said this till date. We are filling the Punjab government's exchequer and we have given 43,000 government jobs in the last two years. 829 Aam Aadmi Clinics were built in which two crore people have gotten free treatment. Schools of Eminence are opened, today government schools have achieved 98 percent successful results. This year, about 2.5 lakh children changed their school and got themselves enrolled in government schools.

He said that I want to change your compulsion into your choice. Today, it is your compulsion to enroll your children in private schools and get treatment in private hospitals because you do not trust government schools and hospitals yet. In the coming days, I will make government schools and hospitals so good that choosing private schools and hospitals will be your choice, not compulsion.

He said that after becoming the Chief Minister, I have not done corruption of even a single rupee till date because I have not come to politics to earn money. I used to do satire how these Akali Congress people were looting Punjab. I felt, I should save the people of Punjab from them, so I entered politics.

Mann also assured the workers of the Aam Aadmi Party and said that he appreciates their efforts and support. I understand your feelings, you don't have to voice them. After June 4, you will get a position in the organization and government according to your merit. He said that we have made our common workers the chairmen of all the boards of the government.

 Addressing the gathering, AAP candidate in Ferozepur Jagdeep Singh Kaka Brar thanked Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann and all the people present in the public meeting and said that Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann strengthened the government institutions for the development of the people of Punjab. The Mann government bailed out institutions like Verka, Markfed and Sugarfed from financial crises. That is why today Verka's products are being sold in other states outside Punjab.

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