Mann campaigned for Meet Hayer in Malerkotla, asked the people of Malerkotla to support the AAP like 2014 and 2019

The people of Malerkotla have always stood against the injustice, they will defeat the oppressors again: Bhagwant Mann

May 8, 2024 - 22:18
Mann campaigned for Meet Hayer in Malerkotla, asked the people of Malerkotla to support the AAP like 2014 and 2019
  • Maan's dig at BJP: We talk about education, health and employment, they talk about Hindus, Muslims, Mangalsutra etc.
  • I have been an MLA from Barnala for seven years, I have always done my work with integrity, I will continue to serve you with full dedication: Meet Hare

Chandigarh/Malerkotla, May 8, Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann, on Wednesday, launched a scathing attack against Akali Dal Badal and the BJP in Malerkotla. He was campaigning for the AAP candidate from Sangrur Gurmeet Singh Meet Hayer. He said that the people of Malerkotla are known for raising their voice against the injustice, they will defeat hate mongers too.

Mann did a road show in Malerkotla where thousands of the people particularly youth raised slogans in favour of the AAP and CM Bhagwant Mann. He addressed the gathered and thanked the people for their love and support. Mann said that this love doesn't let him get tired. He said that the people of Malerkotla have always blessed him with immense support. In 2014 and 2019, the people here contributed to my victory, this time too they will ensure the victory of the AAP candidate Meet Hayer. Mann said that Meet Hayer is a hard working and honest leader who was preparing for the IAS exam before joining politics. 

Mann said that the BJP does the politics of hatred but now the people have seen their real face. They are losing badly. Mann also lambasted Prime Minister Modi. He said that there are about 6 lakh words in the Hindi dictionary, but PM Modi only speaks eight to ten words like Hindu-Muslim, temple-mosque, Pakistan and graveyard. He never speaks on problems like inflation, unemployment, poverty and hunger.

He said that it is very shameful that after being the Prime Minister for ten years, he is asking for votes in the name of Mangalsutra. He said that the BJP does the politics of hatred. It wants to take votes from people by scaring them in the name of caste and religion. It is also trying to divide Punjab, but the people of Punjab never tolerate the politics of hatred. Punjab is known for communal harmony. People here celebrate Gurpurabs, Eid, Holi, Diwali and Navami together. BJP's politics of hatred can never succeed here.

Mann said that we do the politics of work. I made electricity free for all, built schools and hospitals, opened 829 mohalla clinics, gave 43,000 government jobs, constantly creating employment opportunities for the youth, giving 1 crore ex-gratia to the families of the martyrs, common people are getting public services at their door steps. 

Mann also railed at Sukhbir Badal and said that he comes out of his palaces after asking the temperature. He gets out for an hour in 30°C to save Punjab. Mann said that his road show is full of people at this hour too, he can never repay the debt of this love. And on the other hand people don't come out to listen to Sukhbir Badal even in daytime. He said that we are like you, we came from villages and government schools. I understand your pain and your problems. They cannot copy us, they cannot follow our hard work. He said that Meet Hayer has defeated leaders like Kewal Dhillon, now the people don't even know which party he belongs to. He said that some political parties use tension of borders to lure the voters, but don't fall prey to the politics of hatred.

Candidate Gurmeet Singh Meet Hayer thanked CM Mann and the people of Malerkotla for their support. Meet Hayer said that he has been MLA from Barnala for more than 7 years. During those seven years, I have done my work dedicatedly and honestly. As an MP too, I'll serve you my best. Meet appealed to the people to keep supporting him and ensure AAP's historic victory in Sangrur.

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