Trending: #AuthorUrjaJoshi trends at #1 in India on X - People express their appreciation for India's youngest bestselling female author

May 10, 2024 - 13:35
Trending: #AuthorUrjaJoshi trends at #1 in India on X - People express their appreciation for India's youngest bestselling female author

Author Urja Joshi has emerged as a popular name in Indian Literature. She may be 22, but this podcaster, speaker, illustrator, and an aspiring therapist is the youngest bestselling female author of India. Her latest book “3:40 a.m. from heart to head” has recently hit the markets and readers have already made it one of the most loved books of the year.

Urja Joshi was in the limelight once again on 9th May as she trended at #1 on X (formerly Twitter). Readers, fans and followers of Urja made the day memorable for her as thousands of them tweeted their appreciation for her. The hashtag that trended at #1 in India was #AuthorUrjaJoshi while some users also used #UrjaJoshi.

From sharing book reviews to talking about the inspiration they get from her, the #1 national trend in India heaped praises on Author Urja Joshi.

Here are a few viral tweets: 

#AuthorUrjaJoshi's impact goes beyond the pages of her books. She's changing lives and perspectives with her powerful narratives like 3:40 a.m.

Her attention to detail in 3:40 a.m. is unmatched. Every word feels carefully chosen and placed. #AuthorUrjaJoshi

Let's all take a moment to appreciate the dedication and hard work #AuthorUrjaJoshi put into creating 3:40 a.m. What an incredible achievement!


@UrjaJoshi6, a young talent, has made a significant impact in the literary world at just 19. Her best-selling book "Yellow: The Verses of Hurting and Healing" explores themes of pain and recovery, drawing from her personal experiences. Joshi's versatility and passion for writing make her an inspiring figure for aspiring authors.

Urja Joshi is a 22 year old best selling author, podcaster, speaker, illustrator and an aspiring therapist. She is also known as the youngest bestselling female of India.

She has recently released her latest book “3:40 a.m. from heart to head”. It’s a poetry book divided into two parts heart & head, and it talks about the constant tug of war between logic & emotion, a book full of emotions talking about various themes like heartbreak, healing, desperation, depression, anxiety, death, distance, hope, growth and so much more. The book is already on Amazon’s predicted best seller’s list.

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